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DI. Issued Patent to Integrate Management
and Delivery of TV Ads and Digital/Online Advertising


August 7, 2017

TOKYO–([PR.COM]) –Digital Intelligence Inc. today announced the issuance of a patent covering an advertisement delivery system to integrate ad total reach of TV and digital/online advertising,

The Japan Patent Office (JPO) recognized DI.’s methodology which employs historical viewing data to make ad reach projections on current TV campaigns for rapid integration with digital/online advertisement delivery to produce/manage integrated reach. Through the issuance of this patent, DI. has the exclusive license to the CMARC® system, first released in November 2016.

“With this patent, DI. now has a unique capability to help advertisers’ optimize ad measurement and manage TV ads and digital/online advertisement under one roof, when before they had operated as separate silos.” said Ryuji Yokoyama, President and CEO.

“Now with the addition of a ‘simulation service’ patent, obtained today from JPO, advertisers will be better able to forecast total target reach before a campaign begins. This new patent reflects the continuing innovation of our CMARC® platform to increase the value of ad spend and better serve our clients,” said Yokoyama.


About CMARC®

TV-Commercial Message Actual Reach Completion Ad Delivery System, first patented November 2016, is an ad delivery system in which TV ad viewing data is forecast on an almost real-time basis so that target reach can be quickly distinguished from the quantity of target impressions. This allows advertisers to efficiently shift budgets from TV advertising to digital/online advertising when TV advertising is approaching reach limits. CMARC® measures also allow advertisers to calculate optimum integration of TV and digital/online advertising to maximize spend return.

This service is provided by DI. and its marketing partners. Digital/online advertising through CMARC® is managed by DI. Group affiliate Programmatica Inc., which operates the “Trading Desk” analysis tool at the heart of the system.

How it Works: Reach Completion through Integrated Advertisement Management



How CMARC® Works
TV-Commercial Message Actual Reach Completion Ad Delivery System

The Problem

1) Nowadays, even if an advertiser places large numbers of TV ads many people will never see them (0 frequencies) (TV views have gone bipolar: The number of people who don’t watch any TV at all is increasing)

2) Change in Japan’s Population Composition

Service summary of CMARC®

CMARC® service structure

The CMARC®’s development flow

Analysis of the current-state standard TV ad reach status, then pre-calculation of TV ad reaches during the actual campaign and estimate of digital/online advertising delivery volume necessary for completion.


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About Digital Intelligence Inc.

Company name: Digital Intelligence Inc. http://di-d.jp
Representative: Ryuji Yokoyama (President & CEO)
Address: 1-32-16 COMBOX 4F, Ebisu-nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Founded: October 30th, 2009

Business Lineup: Total digital marketing/consulting services
-Consulting for digital marketing-ready organization
-Consulting for digital marketing HR development
-Consulting for introduction of private DMP
-Consulting for introduction of DSP/RTB audience targeting
-Consulting for introduction of in-house application of bidding-type advertising
-Consulting for construction of marketing dashboards

Ryuji Yokoyama
President & CEO, Digital Intelligence Inc.

Ryuji Yokoyama has been called the father of digital advertising in Japan.

Since the dawn of the internet, he has been the leading global resource for theory, practice and dissemination of Japanese internet advertising. He is the author of 15 titles introducing advanced ad technologies and new method of marketing into Japan, including DSP/RTB/DMP and new GRPs theories.

Ryuji joined ADK (The first ad agency listed on the Tokyo stock exchange and third largest in Japan, a WPP Group company) in 1982. In 1996 he co-founded DAC, the Digital Advertising Consortium Inc., which was formed by several top Japanese agencies, including ADK and Hakuhodo. As Representative Director and Vice President, Ryuji was instrumental in leading DAC to its initial public offering in 2001.

In 2008, he established ADK Interactive Inc. As Representative Director and President, he applied his digital marketing theories and execution for ADK clients. He founded DI., Digital Intelligence Inc. in July 2011. As President & CEO, he has grown DI. Into Japan’s leading marketing consulting firm, offering a comprehensive suite of services for Japan’s top 20 marketing companies, media and agencies. With his decades of experience and frequent consultations for Web Advertising Bureau (WAB) and Japan Advertisers Association (JAA), Ryuji has forged a powerful network of relationships among Japan’s business leaders.


-Todoku CM, Todokanai CM (Commercials that Reach, Commercials that Don’t Reach Don’t Rely on Ratings = GRP, Aim for Notice Volume= GAP) – Shoeisha (2017) –To be released
-CM wo Kagaku Suru (Turning Commercials into Science) – Sendenkaigi (2016)
-Shinsedai Dejitaru Maketingu (New Generation of Digital Marketing) – Impress Books (2015)
-Riaru Kodo Tagetingu (Real Action Targeting) Nikkei BP (2015)
-Onrain Bideo Kokoku Nyumon (Introduction to Online Video Advertising) – Impress R&D (2014)
-Kokoku Bijinesu Tsugi no Junen (The Next Decade for Marketing/Advertising) – Shoeisha (2014)
-DMP Nyumon (Introduction to DMP) – Impress R&D (2013)
-Biggu Deta Jidai no Shin-Maketing Shiko (New Marketing Concepts for the Era of Big Data) – Softbank Creative (2012)
-DSP/RTB Odiensu Tagetingu Nyumon (Introduction to DSP/RTB Audience Targeting) – Impress R&D (2012)

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About Programmatica

Company name: Programmatica Inc. http://www.programmatica.jp/en/
Representative: Yoshiteru Umeda (President and CEO)
Address: 1-32-16 COMBOX 4F, Ebisu-nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Founded: October 1, 2013

Business Lineup: -Trading Desk services for brand-name advertisers coordinating with DI. consulting services
(Design/ Application)
-Original products through coordination with media, SSP/ DSP, and ad networks
(Development/ Implementation)
-Contracting of operator personnel
(Training/ Application)


DI. Issued Patent to Integrate Management and Delivery of TV Ads and Digital/Online Advertising