Opening Up the Japanese Market for New Entry Companies

JAPANDigital Intelligence opens doors to those companies looking to succeed in the Japanese market. We provide you with seasoned experience, a deep bench of local talent and flexibility while we build for the long-term in this challenging space.

Channel Partner Development
Developing relationships and closing new business with key Japanese media, agencies and marketers is vital to long-term success in Japan. Our recipe for this success is to provide an agency-facing expert responsible for relationship development with the marketer’s top executives, as well as an ad-tech oriented understanding of Japan’s digital landscape combining CMO and CTO roles. Digital Intelligence helps you engage at all levels with potential clients and agencies to promote your offering.

Outbound Sales Representative
Growing revenue ASAP from day one can be tough when going up against a targeted list of potential Japanese clients and partners. Digital Intelligence has the relationships and the knowledge to effectively position your offering. Since we are platform-agnostic, we can focus on the best fit for your strategy. As thought leaders in the complex and rapidly evolving digital ad environment in Japan, we are able to identify the value proposition and points of differentiation to marketers, agencies and publishers. As your new overseas office we manage and grow an active and robust pipeline and effectively navigate through all appropriate levels of prospective partners, brands and organizations.

Recruiting Partnerships to Find Executives
Finding a talented executive, such as an experienced VP, Director of Business Development or Lead Country Manager, is critical for success in Japan. Our decades-old relationship network in Digital Intelligence makes it easy for us to find just the right person for a more effective Japanese presence. The ideal person to lead the Japanese market should be a proven revenue generator and a consultative seller. We’ve worked with these kinds of people for years, and we already know the kind of leaders you are looking for, with P&L responsibility, and strong analytical and communication skills. Proven leaders and experts in this fast-moving industry.

Acquisition Strategy
We help companies succeed in M&A by first developing an investment thesis. As an incubator and consultant, Digital Intelligence and its founding team, have a long investment track record in Japanese tech-driven marketing. We started back in 1996 with and investment and being listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. We have helped many companies navigate the financing and investment gauntlet in Japan, and we can help you do the same.

Our mission is to help you expand your business in the Japanese market and assist Later-stage companies with their requirements for a durable network of professional expertise.

DI. Issued Patent to Integrate Management and Delivery of TV Ads and Digital/Online Advertising

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