Yoshitaka Tomura
Chief Executive Officer,
Digital Intelligence Inc.

Yoshi worked for an ad agency as an account planner with media buying in 2002, established branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, appointed as vice president.

After returning to Japan in 2010, Yoshi developed a new service and planned another revenue model in a media company. After that Yoshitaka was involved in founding a company about data business at a digital ad agency.

Yoshi empathizes with Ryuji Yokoyama who is his former boss and participated in Digital Intelligence in 2014.

As a senior business consultant for major B2B big players, Yoshi served as integrate marketing, measurement, and development of marketing dashboard and planning method in a cosmetic company, motor Corporation, a telecom company, and electronics manufacturer.

Yoshi was appointed as a director in Programmatica Inc. Away from Tokyo by 2019, He leads “small-business”, “remote work” and “local” with his wife, child and a french bulldog.

DI. Issued Patent to Integrate Management and Delivery of TV Ads and Digital/Online Advertising

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