DI. Issued Patent to Integrate Management
and Delivery of TV Ads and Digital/Online Advertising

TOKYO–([PR.COM]) –Digital Intelligence Inc. today announced the issuance of a patent covering an advertisement delivery system to integrate ad total reach of TV and digital/online advertising,

The Japan Patent Office (JPO) recognized DI.’s methodology which employs historical viewing data to make ad reach projections on current TV campaigns for rapid integration with digital/online advertisement delivery to produce/manage integrated reach. Through the issuance of this patent, DI. has the exclusive license to the CMARC® system, first released in November 2016.

デジタルインテリジェンス、データセクションが主催するデータエクスチェンジコンソーシアム、 官民データを要覧するデータカタログサイト「現代日本データカタログ」を提供開始(データエクスチェンジの礎となることを目指す)